Erg Sales

All ergs are sold for 2019 fill out the Get Notified form and we'll let you know if any come up for sale and when the next year's erg sales open.

Purchase the C2 Model D with PM5 monitor with a savings of over $100! 

Purchase your very own Concept 2 Model D erg with a PM5 monitor from the Atlanta Erg Sprints. We offer a savings of over $100.

The Model D Indoor Rower with a PM5 monitor has a retail price of $900 plus tax and ~$45 for shipping. Through a partnership with Concept2, the Atlanta Erg Sprints can offer the Concept2 Model D, PM5 Indoor Rowing Machine for $915 inclusive. You pick up your Model D immediately after the conclusion of the event on Georgia Tech campus. If you wish for it to be shipped, an additional cost will be calculated based on your zip code. 

Ordering your erg:
  • Please fill out the order form (not available until 2020).  You will receive an email confirmation once we accept your order.
  • Checks are payable to "GTCA Affinity Group."
  • Available for pick-up after the races on the day of the event. Races are typically over at 5:30 pm. The schedule will be finalized the week before the race.  Alternatively, you may pay for immediate shipment after the event.
  • We can accommodate a guaranteed order up to Sunday, January 27th, 2019. 
  • After January 27th, if any ergs are left for sale (ergs have sold out before race day since 2004), they will be the Model D erg with PM5 monitor.

2019 pricing:

Indoor Rower
AES Price
Retail Price
Model D + PM5
$915 $900 + Shipping (~$45) + 8.9% Tax = $1030
Model E + PM5 $1130 $1100 + Shipping (~$60) + 8.9% Tax = 1,263.24

  • Manuals and tools included from the manufacturer.
  • Full Concept 2 warranty

For more information on indoor rowing machines and other accessories available for individual sale, please visit the Concept2.

In the offseason you can fill out our:
 Get Notified form and we'll let you know if any come up for sale or when the next year's erg sales open.